Cookbook Recipes


I made these brownies today. I usually make them with walnuts, but I was sending some to a friend with a nut allergy, so I put in extra chocolate chips instead. I also added a teaspoon of rosewater—a bright floral taste, perfect for these newly cold days!

In Making the Table, I write about the process of developing this brownie recipe, and its vegan counterpart (also in the book), as a parallel process to the dreaming and experimentation that is so important for social justice movements. When we long for something so much that we can “almost taste the joy of its textures” on our tongues, it’s time to set to work creating it!

“We probably won’t perfect a recipe on the first try—most learning requires mistakes. In community organizing, people’s lives and livelihoods may literally be at stake, but in the home kitchen, we are unlikely to poison anyone with our experiments. The kitchen can be a lab not just for recipes, but for building necessary movement skills like creativity, letting go, and celebrating our failures.”

Here’s the recipe, excerpted from Making the Table (uncorrected proof):