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Matzo Ball Soup

A bright orange bowl full of soup -- including a large matzo ball, fresh green herbs, onion, and carrots -- sits on a weathered wooden surface. The bowl also has a smooth metal soup spoon sticking out of it.

I made matzo ball soup for an outdoor seder this past weekend, and it felt so good to be able to cook up a big pot of it to share — it’s been a while since I got to do that. My favorite thing about these mazto balls is that they’re chock full of bits of fresh dill, parsley, and onion — so every bite is full of flavor and herby goodness.

A large matzo ball, off-white with flecks of green, sits in a metal spoon. The spoon is being held over a bright orange bowl full of soup broth, with herbs floating in it, and a wooden table.

Matzo Balls: Two Recipes

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Vegan Chicken Soup

This vegan chicken soup, which is the broth for the matzo balls, is one of my favorite recipes. But to be honest, the Passover version is not usually quite as tasty. The rest of the year the soup gets a veggie broth cube and vegan chicken, which make it flavorful and delicious — these aren’t kosher for Passover, so it usually ends up a little bland at this time of year. But, this year I’ve gotten into making homemade broth from veggie scraps I collect throughout the week, so I was able to use a whole quart (four cups) of homemade broth and it made the soup really delicious!